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Summer Camp

My daughter] loved the chance to play in the woods and the stream—so back-to-nature and so different from what is ordinarily available to her. She also made girlfriends more easily than ever before and was happy about that.” —Camp parent

"I loved that the day and activities were structured, but not overly so. Children were allowed to express their creativity and imagination. Opportunities to wade in the creek and bake bread in a wood-fired oven made for memorable experiences.” —Camp parent

2020 Information

Summer Camp

At the Waldorf School of Princeton Summer Camp, our camp groups for ages 4-12 spend the warm days of summer exploring our diverse 20+ acre campus, playing games, expressing their creativity through artistic projects, and enjoy the fruits of our organic garden through cooking. 

Session 1: June 22- July 3


Session 2: July 6-17


Session 3: July 20-31


Movement & Games Camp


New This Year! Our campers will enjoy playing games that challenge them, teach skills, practice healthy movement, and encourage cooperation, and good sportsmanship.  Our 20+ acre campus of fields, hills, valleys, and woods provide the perfect setting for a variety of games and sports.


Session 4: August 3-14


Session 5: Aug 17-21




Tadpoles: Ready to Explore! (Ages 4-5)


After free play and circle time, our youngest campers embark on a host of activities designed to stimulate the imagination, fine and gross motor skills, and social harmony: string games, bread baking, dip dyeing, watercolor painting, feeding the chickens, and more! A tasty snack delivers the energy needed for creek time at Pebble Beach!


What is a day in the life of a Tadpole like? Find out here.


 Crayfish: Snap into Action! (Ages 6-7)


Crayfish love to have fun-filled adventures! Campers gather each morning in the Sheep’s Pen, run, play games, and investigate their natural surroundings. They then begin their day’s project such as tie-dyeing, working with yarn, sculpting with clay, baking dragon bread, and gardening. The group will go to our magical creek at Old Man’s Tree every day to explore and play in the shallow waters.

What is a day in the life of a Crayfish like? Find out here


Foxes: Dig Deeper into Fun! (Ages 8-9)


Our Foxes experiment, question, and create! Campers begin their day with free play, string games, and riddles, followed by activities that feed their growing independence, such as gathering herbs, playing cooperative games, building in the creek, and treasure hunts. Foxes cool off in the Watering Hole, their special spot along our creek.


 Hawks: Time to Soar! (Ages 10-12)


In addition to our favorite camp activities, our Hawks reach new heights exploring our vast campus, working alongside local artists, cultivating leadership skills, and harvesting crops in the garden for the community kitchen.  Hawks enjoy the shallow waters of our creek at Bridge Bend.  


Hours & Pricing


Summer Camp Sessions 1, 2 & 3

Morning: 8:30am - 1pm    ($575/session)

Full Day: 8:30am - 4pm    ($875/session)


Movement & Games Session 1

Morning: 8:30am - 1pm    ($575/session)

Full Day: 8:30am - 4pm    ($875/session)


Movement & Games Session 2

Morning: 8:30am - 1pm    ($275/session)

Full Day: 8:30am - 4pm    ($425/session)

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“Safe but unstructured exploration is the perfect balance to his very structured school life.”
—Camp parent