What Is A Main Lesson Book?

Each morning, our Grade School students begin the day with Main Lesson. This morning lesson consists of concentrated three or four week studies of a single subject, including Math and Language Arts in the Early Grades, and expanding to include History, Geography, and Science in the Upper Grades. Instead of learning their subject materials from a text book, our students make their own books for each of the Main Lesson blocks, an illustrated record of what they have learned. Lessons are delivered from their class teacher through presentations, experiments and stories, which engage the students in the practical, the artistic, and the academic in each lesson. At the end of the year, our students will have a collection of beautiful books that will last a lifetime. They will continue to grow this personal library each year as they journey through the grades.

Below are examples of Main Lesson book pages created by our 5th/6th Grade students during their Greek Mythology block.

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