What To Do When You're Stuck Inside With the Kids? - Ideas for Indoor Play with Young Children

Updated: Jan 31

So, you’re stuck inside with your kids and looking for ideas of things to do that don’t involve screen time. Our early childhood teachers at Waldorf School of Princeton have some great suggestions!

Build an Indoor Obstacle Course

Use crates, chairs, rocking boards, cushions, blankets and play cloths, but be sure to arrange the course so that they’re safe to climb on their own. This is a wonderfully fulfilling activity for kids who are stuck inside but need to move. Remember that you’re in charge and it should be a controlled, indoor physical activity while still having fun!

Cook or Bake Together

Children love to help in the kitchen! A simple vegetable soup or bread recipe is just the thing for a fun and meaningful indoor activity. Kneading dough or helping to chop vegetables are wonderful activities for little hands and fingers. Gather some kitchen tools that your child can use such as a crinkle cutter for chopping, a cutting board, bowls, spoons, etc. and maybe even an apron for each of you, and get cooking!

Click here for our Early Childhood harvest bean soup recipe!

Creative Play and Storytelling

Children love hearing stories from their parents’ childhoods. For young children, especially, make sure to choose a “good” story, without any traumatic events. Filter it, as needed, to make it age-appropriate for your children and add fun elements like musical instruments or even turn it into a simple puppet show.

And, of course, at a Waldorf school we always believe that, unless facing severe weather or your child is ill, there’s no reason why you can’t head on outside for some play and exploration! Proper gear and layering in cold weather is important, certainly, but, though you’re feeling stuck inside, you might just be able to get out, after all!

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