Welcome, First Grade!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

On August 31st, a perfectly sunny and cool day, the Waldorf School of Princeton returned to campus after transitioning to distance learning last March. Beautiful and thoughtfully-designed outdoor classrooms greeted our students, new and returning. It has been a long-established tradition to welcome our incoming 1st-grade students into their grade school journey with an assembly and flower ceremony each year. This year, however, we would not be able to gather for such a momentous occasion. Still, our first-grade teacher, Jenny Foster, made certain to mark the occasion for her students. Ms. Foster, together with our Gardening teacher, Mrs. Valerie Leone, and grade-school assistant, Solana Hoffmann-Carter ‘07, created an archway brimming with flowers from our school’s organic garden. Each student was welcomed through the archway, to his/her/their tree stump in the class circle where a small flower bouquet was waiting. After Ms. Foster shared a story with the class (another tradition from flower ceremonies in years past), each child took a turn placing an individual bouquet into a larger class vase, symbolizing the coming together of the class and the commencement of an exciting journey through our grade school.

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