Planting Wheatgrass

This tutorial on how to plant wheatgrass at home was created by Early Childhood teacher Mrs. Cirianni-Jones as part of our distance learning program. In addition to this instructional video, Mrs. Cirianni-Jones wrote a description of the connection Early Childhood curriculum has to the earth in every season:

In the Waldorf Early Childhood program, our curriculum revolves around the seasons of the year. In Autumn, we rake and press leaves, and sing songs about busy Squirrel Nutkin gathering nuts. In Winter, we pull sleds in the snow and make bird feeders for our hungry feathered friends. In Spring, we tend the good brown earth, plant seeds, and marvel at the wonder of new birth all around us. In Summer, we take woodland walks to the creek, splash in the cool water, and look for what creatures live in harmony with us on our beautiful 20-acre campus!

We are both reverent stewards and grateful recipients of the gifts that Mother Earth provides.

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