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Middle School: Business Math Market

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

On a crisp Wednesday morning, our 6/7 Grade classroom transformed into a bustling indoor market! There were tables set up to sell different items, including handmade soaps, card games, comic book collectables, candy and crafts, all curated by the students.

The market is a project that put into practice the concepts the students have been learning in their current Main Lesson block, Business Math. Working in groups, the students were tasked with coming up with an idea for their business, and writing out a detailed business plan. Next, they had to create or gather their products, decide on packaging, as well as marketing for their store.

Of course, some kind of currency would need to be used to buy and sell their wares. The class came up with their own currency, called Marvins, and created the design for the Marvin bills.

Once all of the planning and materials were in place, the market opened for business! Each student was given a stack of Marvins to spend, and the shopping began! Store owners were careful to give exact change to their customers, and record their sales numbers and profits. There were also promotions of teacher discounts and a raffle!