Marking the change of seasons with celebration and festival is a long-held tradition at the Waldorf School of Princeton. In addition to observing and studying the natural sciences through outdoor exploration and immersion in the seasons, these seasonal festivals and the stories that accompany them offer students inspiration, connection, and grounding throughout the school year.

Michaelmas at the Waldorf School of Princeton ushers in the Autumn season as students begin to notice the chill in the air, ever more noticeable this year in their outdoor classrooms. It is a festival that celebrates courage and resilience in the face of challenges. Teachers share stories with tales of bravery, valor, and overcoming adversity to inspire their students as they begin a new school year that may bring new challenges and opportunities for learning - academic, social, emotional, physical. This year our students celebrate with a pageant of the traditional Michaelmas story of George and the Dragon, each grade playing a part.

The transition back into the 2020-2021 school year, especially, with new ways of being at school, is a Michaelmas challenge for all in the school community. Like the Michaelmas tales of the hero facing its foe, our students, faculty, staff, and families summon the fortitude to come into this school year and meet all of the challenges it offers with determination and strength of spirit.

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