Learning in Real Life at The Waldorf School of Princeton

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

by Rachel Ullman

The research is clear: Active learning is superior to passive. Real-world, hands-on experiences must come before virtual.  At the Waldorf School of Princeton, students develop the REAL skills that lead to creative and innovative futures through an interdisciplinary curriculum, carefully crafted to meet each stage of development with engaging, purposeful, and challenging opportunities for learning. 

A growing number of concerned parents, professionals, and educators question the over-use of devices and contrived learning activities replacing active learning and social connection in today’s classrooms. Waldorf education stands out as a time-tested educational philosophy that remains relevant in a digital world. With each stage of child development as the core, teachers at the Waldorf School of Princeton offer students REAL learning experiences. Lessons are rich in academic content integrated with social connection, movement and artistic expression. Students of Waldorf education today build the creative capacities we will need for tomorrow’s innovations. Learning in Real Life allows them to form, not only deeper learning connections, but also connections to each other, their community, and the world around them.

Knitting is Coding #InRealLife.

Theatre is Literacy #InRealLife

Building social networks #InRealLife.

Experience Waldorf Education for yourself! Contact our Admissions Coordinator Bella Jaikaria to learn more.

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