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In honor of Sarah Kessler, David Heberlein, and Elan Leibner

Left: Sarah Kessler and David Heberlein holding their plaque, Top Right: Plaque for Elan Leibner. Bottom Right: Elan Leibner and his wife, Michal Halev

This year The Waldorf School of Princeton said farewell to three of our teachers who have been a part of the school since its early days. David Heberlein left class teaching after more than 30 consecutive years at the end of 2020, and Sarah Kessler left this June. Some of you may not know that Mrs. Kessler began three years ago as a Grade School class teacher, continuing on with some of her kindergarten students and bringing them through the 3rd Grade! Elan Leibner has stepped down after graduating the Class of 2021. He had returned to the school 3 years ago after a 10-year hiatus. These people were among the dedicated teachers and staff who gave so much of their adult life in dedication to the Waldorf School of Princeton and grew with the school. This marks a moment in the history of the school where a newer constellation of teachers carries the school forward.

We wanted to make sure that these remarkable members of our faculty were honored before they departed, and that they will be remembered for their contributions long into the future. The plaque that David and Sarah are holding will be placed in the school garden. Elan’s class of 2006 made the columns and Latin verse that are in the 6th Grade classroom. The plaque pictured here will be mounted on the wall next to the columns.