Helping the Birds Build Their Nests

Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming

Birdies build your nest.

Weave together straw and feather

Doing each your best.

A favorite spring-time song in our Early Childhood classes reminds us of the hard work of the little birds right outside of our windows.  One way we might help the birds build those nests is by offering them some small tufts of leftover wool roving, pieces of yarn (natural material is best, and please make sure the pieces are long enough so a bird doesn’t accidentally swallow one), even cleaning out the hair brushes in the house. This is an easy and fun activity for a range of ages as you take in some fresh air and outside time while we’re all at home.

As you walk around your yard, neighborhood, or a trail, drape your wool/yarn/hair on the bushes, shrubs, and branches along the way.  

As you notice the birds building their nests during the Spring, keep an eye out for a pop of colorful yarn or wool from your offerings.

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