Grade School Distance Learning #InRealLife

As our campus at the Waldorf School of Princeton remains closed during this time, our classrooms are still very much alive and well as they shift to virtual learning platforms.

Grade school and subject area teachers charge onward with their respective curriculums using the full scope of Google Classroom. Our incredibly creative faculty are surpassing expectations as they deliver the rich and meaningful lessons we’ve come to know at the Waldorf School of Princeton through video conferencing tools, daily check-ins and assignment posts, as well as audio and video recordings for the students. 

Students are able to upload photos and documents directly to their Google classrooms, and teachers post feedback to both compliment and challenge the students in their independent work. You will not find any busy work here. Our students are engaging, daily, with their curriculums in all areas - participating in class discussions, illustrating Main Lesson content, practicing Math skills, embroidering along with the Ms. Denette, sculpting with Ms. Shafer, learning new outdoor games with Mr. Moore, gardening at home with the guidance of Mrs. Leonie, making music with their instruments through video lessons with Ms. Hill and Mrs. Bauer, and more. 

Our students are still, very much “Learning in Real Life” while at home, thanks to the support of the teachers and staff members at our remarkable school.

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