Fulfilling a Vision

The very first time I visited Waldorf School of Princeton in 2003 I was in awe! I wasn’t a parent yet, but I could just imagine how amazing it would be to grow up and learn in this magical and peaceful haven. To tell you the truth, I was jealous! I wish I had gone to school here! I wanted to learn by creating my own textbooks and dolls! I wanted to experience sculptural arts and handwork and gardening and eurythmic dance as part of my curriculum. How awesome to have had class teachers who knew all of your talents and quirks and taught you and treated you like your parents would! That day my husband and I decided that one day our (yet unborn) children would go to this school.

Our daughters are now 9 and 11 years old, and my husband Sanjeev and I are so happy and proud to be Waldorf School of Princeton parents. On the last day of 4th grade, our daughter Jasmine wrote us a thank-you note for her first year at WSP. It read, “Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for putting me in this awesome school … this was my best school year ever … I have learned so much and I can’t wait to learn more. …” What more could we ask for as parents?!

I feel doubly blessed because not only does Jasmine get to experience this amazing education system, but so do I. My wish came true … I get to come to the Waldorf School of Princeton every day! I feel truly honored to be the new school administrator. I am fully aware of and grateful for the awesome responsibility with which the Board of Trustees has entrusted me. I’m so pleased that my strong spiritual background, in addition to my business and development acumen and my experience and love for working in nonprofit educational institutions, will serve the work of our wonderful school. I look forward to immersing myself in this work and learning and growing as a result of it.

I begin this journey with a lot of enthusiasm as we prepare to update the school’s strategic plan. I will be leading this initiative with representation and input from all the school bodies including the College of Teachers, Board of Trustees, Parent Council, administration and faculty, and all of our parents.

To start off this process the Board of Trustees asked our community of parents, teachers, and alumni to share their vision of WSP in 2020. I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated hearing not only our community’s visions for WSP in 2020, but also their heartfelt desire to support the schools in achieving that vision.

What I hear is a desire to see the school flourishing with full enrollment (with waiting lists) so more children may benefit from a Waldorf Education, and many in our community have offered to sit on various committees to share their expertise, to reach out to their own social networks, and even to help us increase and support our growing international student body.

We want to see a school with strong and happy faculty, administration, and parent bodies that communicate well together and work in harmony, and many are supporting that goal by setting the example and encouraging our school’s new social harmony program.

Our community envisions additional spaces for the arts and sports, and we’ve received outpourings of guidance and expertise toward the dream of a Waldorf High School and the renovation of our Crib Barn as a community space.

Thank you for all of the offerings of time, resources, contacts, goodwill, and prayers. I feel both grateful and proud to be a part of this strong, vibrant, and dedicated community. With everyone’s support we will fulfill our vision!



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