Experiencing Math in the 2nd Grade

by WSP 2nd Grade Teacher Karen Atkinson

The Second Graders have been engaged in a math block focused on learning place value, adding and subtracting with expanded form, as well as vertical math with carrying and borrowing. They have officially been introduced to, and have been practicing, all 12 times tables! Through active engagement with manipulatives, rhythmic movement activities, poems, songs and rhymes, the children have been experiencing math. They have creatively illustrated their learning, while also practicing each new topic.

Rhymes and poems that help the students with carrying and borrowing:

Carrying ~

"If 9 or less, let it rest!

If 10 or more, carry next door!"

Borrowing ~

"More on the top, no need to stop!

More on the floor, go next door and

borrow 10 more!"

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