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Early Childhood Festival of Courage

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

As the harvest time arrives, we enjoy the fruits of the season as well as readying ourselves for the challenge of the colder season and winter approaching. Our Early Childhood curriculum allows students to experience the rhythms of the seasons as they engage directly with nature and the outdoors and as teachers incorporate songs, stories, and activities tied to the season into their classrooms.

Last week, our Early Childhood students and teachers celebrated the arrival of the fall season with their Autumn Festival. Students washed and polished apples that would be sliced for snack time, decorated acorn cap necklaces with berries, seeds, flowers, and other seasonal treasures, played Pin the Tail on the Dragon and tossed "shooting stars" through the hoop, constructed and enjoyed challenging obstacle courses, and used golden dye made from marigolds from our very own garden to color wool-felted balls with ribbons that would become beautiful "shooting stars" of their very own.

After the activities, the entire Early Childhood came together for a circle of thanks and a shared picnic-style snack time followed by an autumn puppet show performed for the whole group by all of our amazingly creative and caring Early Childhood teachers.

Welcome Autumn!