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At Waldorf School of Princeton, our subject area classes are not “extras.” They are an integral part of our interdisciplinary curriculum.

In Handwork, students build not only fine-motor skills and dexterity, but also put mathematics and other STEM skills to practical use - learning, adjusting and inventing patterns (similar to early coding skills) as they knit, crochet, and sew. Students exercise mindfulness and grow in confidence as they work to create a final product from raw materials with a sense of purpose and pride.

Our Gardening program brings to life the study of environmental and natural sciences as our students get their hands dirty, their bodies moving, and their minds working in our bountiful organic school garden, as well as opportunities to work on an adjacent organic, biodynamic farm. The appreciation for and connection to nature and their environment gained through their gardening efforts and outdoor learning inspires a commitment to environmental stewardship in our students that will stay with them well into their futures.

Movement and Games: In addition to the coordination, strength, and gross motor exercises, students in the early grades play cooperative games to build teamwork and good sportsmanship. This later progresses to more competitive games and sports fundamentals in upper grades, building on that strong social-emotional foundation. The outdoor “classroom” for Movement and Games on our 20+ acre campus serves as a safe, engaging, and open space for our students to move their bodies and play joyfully in their natural surroundings.

As students explore the rich and culturally-diverse curriculum, their work in Sculptural and Fine Arts allows them to connect actively, artistically, and emotionally to their curricular studies. Experiences in drawing, painting, sculpting, and woodworking afford students the opportunities for artistic and individual expression while also integrating and reinforcing curricular content for a deeper learning experience.

Music is woven into the daily classroom life and instruction in all grades at our school, with formal instrument instruction beginning in 4th grade with our Strings program, and Chorus and Orchestra in our middle school grades. Through both vocal and instrumental music-making opportunities, students deepen their curricular learning while also building on literacy and mathematical skills, such as tracking, fluency, rhythm, counting, and patterns.

Our students learn Spanish through an immersive program, building communication skills through songs, poems, writing exercises, and conversation with a native-speaking instructor. The Waldorf approach to foreign language study emphasizes not only learning a second language, but that students are able to communicate in that language, and also to develop a respect and appreciation for another culture.

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