Class of 2018 Legacy Gift

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It is tradition at WSP for each graduating class to give a gift to the school that will contribute to the culture, curriculum and campus for many years to come.

For their gift, the Class of 2018 raised funds to purchase ten elderberry bushes for the school's Gardening program. On a recent sunny Saturday morning, under the guidance of the Gardening teacher, Valerie Leon, the bushes were planted by class parents, Class of 2018 teacher Christine Benson, and Facilities Manager Kevin Jones!

We are deeply grateful to the class, the class parents and teachers for their hard work, and for giving the school this wonderful gift. The berries from these bushes will be harvested and made into Elderberry syrup as part of the gardening program at WSP. 

Learn more about WSP's commitment to sustainability and stewardship here.

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