An Unexpected Visit to Second Grade

This little fellow made quite the stir in second grade today. He (or she) flew into the room, as I had the door propped open so that we could get a little more air on such a muggy day. Poor thing couldn’t find his way out. At one point, I managed to catch him, but he flew from my hand.

Alas, later in the day, after many of the second graders had gone home, Ms. Pearson (aka the Bird Whisperer) came in and said she knew a little trick. She caught the little bird, flipped him gently on his back, and he went into a sleep-like state. She said this is what happens when you flip birdies over. Then she took him outside, flipped him back over, and he happily flew away!

Second graders were thrilled to have another class pet, but I’m pretty sure this little (we think maybe a wren) is happy to be back out in the fresh air!

Those wild animals sure seem to love our classroom. Wonder who will be our next visitor?

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