A Morning in Main Lesson: 7th Grade

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Take a peek into 7th Grade Main Lesson. The lesson observed in this blog post took place on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

The 6th/7th Grade class begins the morning together. After the morning bell has rung, the students warm up with a bean bag tossing exercise. Next, they sing together. The class has been working on the song "Dona Nobis Pachem", an ancient Roman cannon which means "grant us peace". The students practice the song together and in a three part round.

After singing beautifully together, the 6th and 7th graders go their separate ways for their Main Lesson. The 6th Grade will be studying ancient Rome with Senora Zamorano. The 7th Grade students have just finished their Chemistry block, and are moving into a history block, where they will be learning about the Explorers.

In their last block, Chemistry, the 7th Graders made these majestic crystal ornaments using pipe cleaners, borax and food coloring.

Before they start their new lesson, Ms. Gimenez asks the students to recall what they learned in their previous Main Lesson. The students have remember that yesterday they learned of the travels of Marco Polo, and how trade changed the culture of the Middle Ages. With yesterday's lesson fresh in their minds, Ms. Gimenez and our students embark with Henry the Navigator as he sets his sights on finding a route by sea to the East.

After the lesson, the students work on their Main Lesson books, which will become their textbook for the block that they create themselves. The first page will be a map charting the first leg of the Explorers' long journey around the continent of Africa.

After their bookwork is finished our 7th Graders rejoin their 6th Grade classmates for snack. At the sound of the recess bell, all of Grade School students head outside to play on our beautiful 20+ acre campus, getting some exercise and fresh air before they spend the rest of the day in a variety of Special Subject lessons including Handwork, Eurythmy, Movement & Games, Fine and Sculptural Arts, Strings and Orchestra, and Gardening.

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