6th/7th Grade World Geography

Updated: Mar 9

At the Waldorf School of Princeton, and at the core of Waldorf Education as a whole, the developmental picture of children at each age and grade level is the starting point for the crafting of a curriculum that engages students where they are and challenges them as they progress through, not only their educational journey, but also their journey of childhood. Developmentally, the 6th/7th grader is experiencing great change. With the students' entry into puberty and all of the physical and social-emotional changes that comes along with it, a middle school curriculum that grounds them, connects them to themselves, to each other, and the world around them is particularly important.

Our combined 6th/ 7th Grade class recently completed their Main Lesson block on World Geography - a curricular topic that is just right for students at this age and stage of development. In addition to learning about the different ways the world is mapped (longitude and latitude, time zones, climate zones), the class looked at the world as it was before the Age of Exploration, learning about the important bodies of water and land formations, biomes, and indigenous peoples of the continents. The early migration of humans, present migrations, and the students’ own ancestors were part of this world view. As a culminating project, each child in the class had the opportunity to research a country of interest and present to their classmates.

To learn more about our developmentally-based, experiential curriculum that will excite and engage your middle school student, please visit us at www.princetonwaldor.org or contact us to schedule a tour of our school.

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