3rd/4th Grade Dwelling Project

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Our 3rd/4th Grade class has been learning this year about different indigenous groups from around the world, and how their connection the land is essential to their livelihood and culture. This subject of study is part of their Main Lesson, but is also woven through their special subject lessons as well. The students have been taking care of crops in our organic garden in their Gardening class, and recently made their harvested broomcorn into brooms that they can use at home. The class has also been learning to weave with a loom in Sculptural Arts class, where their woven work will be made into a strap for a leather case which will carry the wooden knives they will learn to whittle.

In their current Main Lesson block, the students have been learning about how different indigenous people from around the globe build their homes out of natural materials gathered from the earth. With this knowledge, the class was given a project by their teacher, Mr. Heberlein: to research a dwelling made out of natural materials from any culture in the world, and build a smaller version themselves. When construction of their home was finished, the students would present their structure it to the class, and give a presentation on what they had learned from their research and building process.

The homes built by our students are currently on display in our Grade School building. As you can see in the photos below, they are truly amazing structures!

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