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Board of Trustees

The Board is responsible for the legal and financial integrity of the school. It is composed of current and alumni parents, faculty, and friends from the wider community. Working subcommittees of the Board are vital in moving the school’s strategic plans forward


Kremena Mironova, Chair

Herbert Hagens, Vice Chair

Dean Smith, Treasurer

Rasheda Garcia, Secretary


Theresa Viggiano

Kaia Motter

Torsten Bernewitz

Claudio Gálvez

Charlie Denby, Faculty

Ondria Wasem

Todd Rossi 

Elisabet Mas Porté

Sarthak Banerjee

Jennifer Santos

Amy Shor, College Chair

Zoe Brookes, School Administrator

Honorary Trustees

Mark Hornung

Kearney Vrabel

Heide Ratliff

Caroline Phinney

Herb Saperstein

College of Teachers 

The College is responsible to develop, implement, review, and refresh its Waldorf curriculum, educational policies and teaching approach. Concerned with the quality of its programs, the College oversees the faculty, the children, and the manner in which the school operates. Composed of faculty and staff members who are particularly committed to the philosophy of the school, the College regularly devotes meeting time to study various aspects of the developing human being.

College Members

Amy Shor, College Chair

Zoe Brookes, School Administrator

Lindsay Whited​

Solana Hoffmann-Carter

Rachel Ullman

Matthias Fuell

Nora Sheehan