Our School


Waldorf School of Princeton offers an early childhood program and an elementary school program for grades 1 through 8.


Early Childhood (2-6 years)


Early childhood is the time to lay the foundations for later learning. The focus on imitative and imaginative play in the early childhood program develops the power of creative thinking, preparing children for the academics of the grade school years and beyond. It is in these years that children also develop problem-solving and social skills.


Grade School (Grades 1-8)


Children are ready to move into cognitive learning during the elementary school years. Now the child’s imagination serves as the doorway to the deepest, most sustained learning. Whatever arouses interest and touches feelings will be remembered and will become the child’s own. By presenting curriculum material artistically through stories, verses, and songs, the teacher engages the students at levels that stimulate their feelings and spark their imaginations.

“Wisdom begins in wonder.” —Socrates