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International Students


The Waldorf School of Princeton is part of an international movement of schools providing Waldorf Education to students throughout the world. 

International students appreciate our small classes, inclusive culture, excellent teachers, and language-rich curriculum. We welcome applications from international students interested in a multi-year program and especially encourage students to apply from our sister Waldorf schools worldwide.


Program Details

  • Our school provides the I-20 to qualified students seeking their student visa.

  • Full immersion: international students attend classes alongside all other students.

  • Tuition and fees for the current are approximately $28,736, not including home-stay fees.

  • Success in our curriculum is largely dependent on the student’s ability to be proficient in English speaking, reading, and writing. All first year international students are required to take at least three periods of ESL instruction each week, which are covered by the fees listed above. The need for continuation will be based on teacher assessment.



  • Submit online application.

  • Submit translated teacher recommendation and school reports/transcripts.

  • Submit copy of student passport.

  • Submit TOEFL Jr. test score. For students to be successful at our school, we recommend that the total score be 750 or higher.  

  • Submit student essay. Student should write an essay about him/herself in native language, writing about interests, hobbies, family, which will be translated by WSP. Families are welcome to schedule a campus visit and interview. If it is not possible to visit in person, the class teacher will conduct an interview with parents via Skype (with translator provided by parents if needed).

Living Arrangements


Applicants are encouraged to live with parents. If a homestay situation is desired, homestays are managed by GoStudents LLC, who specializes in comprehensive and personalized services to the student, host family, natural family, and school throughout the academic year. Homestays are optional for students entering grades 7 and 8 only.

Final Steps

Once a student is accepted, the family will be asked to enroll and pay the tuition and fees in full before the I-20 can be issued. In addition to tuition, tuition insurance, and the activities fee, the family will be charged for ESL tutoring and translation services.


Parents may also be asked to sign a letter stating that they are aware that their child might not be able to complete work at grade level until they have mastered communication in English. While attending our school, students are encouraged to speak English outside of school time as well.


Proof of medical insurance coverage for the student while living in the U.S. must be provided. The student must also receive all required vaccinations and be examined by a U.S. physician following arrival.


In addition, proof of legal guardianship for the student while in the U.S. must be provided.


If you have any questions, please call 609-466-1970, x115, to speak with our enrollment director. You can also e-mail any questions to

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