Flex Tuition Assistance

What is Flex Tuition Assistance?

The Waldorf School of Princeton has always been committed to providing an affordable independent school education to families in the local community. For our tuition assistance program, we have introduced the Flex Tuition model as an effective way to make the Waldorf approach a financially viable alternative to mainstream education in New Jersey.

Does every family applying to WSP need to submit financial forms?

No, only families who want to participate in the Flex Tuition Assistance program must submit the requisite forms. When applying for Flex Tuition Assistance, financial information and documentation are required from each parent. You can apply for Flex Tuition Assistance here.

How are the tuition ranges determined?

Family income, other financial factors, and the number of children to be enrolled are all considerations. The Flex Tuition Assistance rate is specific to your family. Flex Tuition Assistance rates are at the discretion of the school’s administration.

Can I apply for Flex Tuition Assistance if I qualify for a Family Tuition Cap ?

Yes. Flex Tuition is independent of the Family Tuition Cap and Multi-Student Discounts.

Does Flex Tuition Assistance continue throughout a student’s time at the Waldorf School of Princeton?

No. Flex Tuition Assistance rates are determined for one year. Applications for Flex Tuition Assistance must be renewed each year.