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Flex Tuition Assistance

What is Flex Tuition Assistance?

The Waldorf School of Princeton has always been committed to providing an affordable independent school education to families in the local community. To help families on lower incomes to access our school we have introduced the Flex Tuition Assistance (FTA) program. FTA provides for a discount of up to 90% of fees, depending on family circumstances.

In addition to our FTA, we have a small number of scholarships that we award in cases of particular need. Families applying for FTA will automatically be considered for these. 

​What can I expect to pay?

  • Families with household incomes up to $200k may be eligible for a fee discount.  Other financial obligations, including mortgage debt and other education costs will be taken into consideration.

  • Families with household incomes below 200% of federal poverty levels (about $55k per year for a family of four) will be eligible to receive our maximum fee discount of 90%. Once materials fees are added, this results in a total annual cost of $3363 per year for the 2022/23 school year. Some families may be required to pay an additional $100 in tuition insurance.

  • Families wishing to apply for FTA should first complete a full application to the school. You may begin an FTA application at any time after that. Once your child has been accepted to the school and we have received your full FTA application, we will notify you of any fee discounts or scholarships available.  You will have a chance to review these before committing to enroll.

  • Note that the school does have a limited FTA budget, and awards are not guaranteed at any level. 

Does every family applying to WSP need to submit financial forms?​

No, only families who want to participate in the Flex Tuition Assistance program must submit the requisite forms. When applying for Flex Tuition Assistance, financial information and documentation are required from each parent. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a link to apply for Flex Tuition Assistance.


Can I apply for Flex Tuition Assistance if I qualify for a Family Tuition Cap ?


Does Flex Tuition Assistance continue throughout a student’s time at the Waldorf School of Princeton?

​Not automatically. Flex Tuition Assistance rates are determined for one year. Applications for Flex Tuition Assistance must be renewed each year.

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