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ECOLA Project 


Donate to the Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Area Project!


Outdoor education is at the core of Waldorf education. These spaces are not traditional playgrounds but an integral part of the classroom and need the same care and attention as the indoor classroom spaces. 


The Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Area project will:


  • Purchase and install major play structures

  • Provide play structures that use natural materials and have been selected to work in harmony with the surrounding environment and pedagogical needs

  • Replace and repair aging elements of the early childhood area

  • Include plantings and gardening features, to fully integrate the appreciation, respect and care for the natural world that are an essential part of the curriculum and culture of the school

Read more about the project:


Gifts of any size support fencing, installation, safety mats, and learning equipment as well as the play structures. You can make a donation below. To talk about a larger gift for specific support of one of the play structures, contact Development Manager Cheryl Neas at 609-466-1970 or

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