A Waldorf curriculum by design is a living curriculum. Given the variables of place and time, as well as the ever-changing constellation of individuals assembled in any class community, Waldorf teachers have the freedom to add and edit as will best serve their students. Although there are certain “milestones” along the journey, rooted in the patterns of human development, the specific vehicles for learning may look different from year to year, teacher to teacher, or Waldorf school to Waldorf school.


This is one reason a Waldorf curricular chart can only be a used as a guide, rather than turn-by-turn navigation. The other reason is the difficulty in isolating “subjects.” At the Waldorf School of Princeton, for example, lessons in sustainability or character are woven into every subject; movement is found in math classes, and math is found in movement classes. Each grade performs a class play that embodies elements from what is being studied in history, social studies, language arts, eurythmy, or music. 


“Wisdom begins in wonder.” —Socrates


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