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COVID-19 Fund

As we navigate these challenging and uncertain times, the Waldorf School of Princeton's leadership has set up a COVID-19 Fund in order to secure and strengthen the past, present future of our school. The WSP COVID-19 Fund will be used to help sustain current and future programs and support students, families, faculty and staff who may be adversely affected by the health crisis. 

Our Board, Administration, Leadership Team, and Faculty are meeting on a regular basis not only to respond to the crisis each day but to plan for each eventuality we might encounter in the coming weeks, through the summer, and into the next school term. Whatever the course of the epidemic, we will be prepared to meet the needs of students, families, faculty, staff and friends of WSP.

We ask that you consider a gift to the WSP COVID-19 Fund. Our school has already been adversely impacted by the epidemic. We have had to temporarily layoff a number of dedicated staff members and cut back on some programming that would be beneficial for our children. However, with your additional support, we can look to reinstating staff and building out programming more quickly. We will also have the ability to meet the needs of those families that have been adversely affected by this pandemic.

With donations to this Fund, we will be able to emerge from this crisis with the strength and stability needed to bring our unique education to more children in a more meaningful way than ever before.

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