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Waldorf School of Princeton

Where Students Go

Waldorf School of Princeton alumni attend a wide variety of independent, parochial, and public high schools of their choice. Some even continue their education at Waldorf high schools located throughout the country.

“I am always excited when a student from The Waldorf School of Princeton applies. Each and every one of the Waldorf graduates who has joined us has been a tremendous student and person. Each has possessed the very qualities we prize most—intellectual curiosity, creativity, openness to new experiences and, as much as anything, a kind, caring, and community-minded spirit.” —Scott Eckstein, director of admission, Solebury School

The Research Institute for Waldorf Education has compiled data from Waldorf graduates throughout North America. Highlights from their research show:


  • 94% of Waldorf graduates attend college

  • 51% of Waldorf graduates pursue advanced degrees

  • 42% of Waldorf graduates choose science as a major in college

  • 89% of Waldorf graduates are highly satisfied in their choice of occupation