About Us


The Waldorf School of Princeton offers a uniquely well-rounded education for children from early childhood through grade eight. With a highly structured curriculum, the school carefully integrates arts, sciences, literature, and physical movement in a framework that endows children with discipline and balance, teaches them that they can be creators, and inspires them to be morally centered, socially aware individuals. A central part of our success grows from our conviction that introducing a subject when a child is developmentally ready is the best way to spark curiosity, deepen interest, and discover the profound joys of learning. In our classrooms, this true education counts more than any test score.


Our school campus covers more than 20 acres of rolling green landscape, with a wooded valley and rippling brook—plenty of room to run and explore. Teachers and students nurture a respect for and love of nature, incorporating environmentally sound practices into daily activity, such as working together in the school’s biodynamic garden, with a careful witnessing of seasonal changes. We encourage all of families at our school to follow an age-appropriate approach to use of media, in a belief that guarding a young child’s acute senses and impressionable mind is essential to the healthy growth of each individual student.


As they face ever more complex technological and social challenges, young people need strong inner values to master both thinking for themselves and working in a group. Our teachers recognize the immense benefits in deepening each student’s sense of wonder and reverence for life. A child’s capabilities can unfold slowly, and we believe that they are best supported by a warm and committed relationship with a class teacher. At the same time, our teachers show students how disciplined study of artistic principles can give them powerful tools to pursue any line of intellectual pursuit.


Students emerge from our school as unusually self-directed, self-confident, morally anchored learners. They thrive at public and private high schools and universities. University professors routinely tell us that they love teaching graduates of a Waldorf education because of their exceptional creativity and maturity. Even more telling, 43 percent of our graduates major in science at the college level, and 89 percent of Waldorf graduates say they are satisfied with their choice of occupation. This reflects not only the ability of our students to follow their hearts and develop their passions with discipline and intelligence, but also the ability to adapt and

compete in a global marketplace.


The Waldorf School of Princeton follows an approach to education that is nearly 100 years old. Although there are more than 1,000 institutions worldwide that share our philosophy, since 1983 we remain New Jersey’s only Waldorf school.