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Event Title: Crossing the Bridge: First Grade Readiness

Location: Grade School Building

On: Mon, Feb 4, 2013


If you are curious about the Waldorf Grade School…
If you wonder how it is different from the Kindergarten…
If you want to know what lies in the months ahead as your child crosses the bridge from the Early Childhood to the Elementary School…
This talk is for you!

Early Childhood teacher, Sarah Kessler and Class Teacher, David Heberlein will share with you a timeline of the transition for all first grade ready children in the Early Childhood program.  In addition, David will provide a picture of a typical first Grade Day and how it builds upon with the work of the Early Childhood.  Other Early Childhood teachers and seasoned parents with their own classes and children will be on hand to share their wisdom borne from their experience.  Of course the most fruitful part of the evening will come from your questions and concerns.  So please come for an informative evening aimed at supporting your children as they cross yet another bridge.

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