Scrip: A Mindful Shopping Program

What is scrip?

Scrip cards are gift cards. This program, available only to non-profits, allows the school to buy these gift cards/certificates from participating stores at discounts ranging from approximately 2%-20%. We are then able to sell these cards to you at face value for use on purchases made at your favorite stores. Here is an example: suppose you usually spend $500 a month at Whole Earth Center, which offers our school scrip at a 5% discount. If you buy Whole Earth scrip cards worth $500 from the school instead of paying Whole Earth directly, the school earns $25 per month on your behalf without any extra cost to you!

What are the benefits?

Imagine if all the families in the school used scrip for their grocery purchases for the whole school year. That would mean the school would raise about $20,000! These proceeds will be used to maintain and beautify our school campus, as well as to offset costs of faculty enrichment opportunities. Many of our participating families also realize the many benefits that more mindful shopping brings to their personal finances.

How do I become a Mindful Shopper?

Participating in our Mindful Shopping Scrip Program requires little more than simply pre-planning your everyday purchases. Getting involved is simple; scrip is available through Grab and Go cards or special order. Order forms and payments may be left in the school lockbox; or alternately, orders can be e-mailed directly to with payment to follow. We gladly accept cash or checks. Credit cards will be accepted for purchase totals including $500 and greater; an additional authorization form is required. Your support and participation in scrip is deeply appreciated!

What vendors participate?

To preview our most popular vendors, click our order form below. We are pleased to include several local vendors including Jazams Toy Store, Princeton Day Spa, Nomad Pizza, and Whole Earth Center. For national retail stores, we use Great Lakes Scrip Center—more information is available on their website

Need more information?

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