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Eurythmy, developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, is an art of human movement set to music, poetry, or speech. It is sometimes called "speech made visible" and is intended to be a complement to intellectual learning. By studying eurythmy, students learn dexterity of movement, grace, poise, balance, and concentration. They also develop a sense for sound and space and a feeling for social harmony. Eurythmy helps children develop social awareness as well. By moving together in patterns, they enhance their sense of the group.

Much of the work is coordinated with the curriculum. In the first grade for example, the teacher uses fairy tales and poems as a background to the forms and gestures. In later grades, the children act out characters and dramatic situations, both as individuals and in groups. By the upper grades, the students are performing in choreographed pieces that are truly astonishing in their grace and complexity.

Our school is fortunate to have a piano accompanist that allows us to avoid recorded music. All students from kindergarten through the eighth grade take part in this program.

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