Snowy Grade School

Education Support

The Waldorf School of Princeton welcomes students with diverse personalities, learning styles, and capacities. However, some students need additional support to develop their capacities fully.

Our regular program of Morning Lessons and Subject Lessons provide an education that is unusually rich in developmental movement, music, and art; literacy and numeracy foundations; and health-strengthening rhythm. By design, this integrated, interdisciplinary approach can meet the needs of a wide range of learners; however, for those who need more support, the school’s Educational Support Team provides an intermediate level of intervention. (It does not encompass the capacity to fully remediate learning disabilities.)

Our team consists of teachers who directly provide extra academic or developmental support to students, together with other teachers who study and work with the remedial aspects of Waldorf Education. Specially trained teachers offer Extra Lesson, occupational therapy, spatial dynamics, and therapeutic eurythmy in addition to more conventional language arts and mathematic support.

The Waldorf School of Princeton’s comprehensive program begins with the observation of children and also may include child studies, consultations with parents as well as additional educators and/or specialists, various assessments, and individual and/or group lessons with other students. Teachers or parents may refer students for individual assessments. A screening for all second grade students assesses movement, memory, and academic skill development. Some children will need a more in-depth individual assessment by one of our educational support teachers. A small fee is charged for individual assessments.

A meeting with the parent, class teacher, and educational support teacher takes place after each individual assessment. In this meeting an educational plan is created for the student. If appropriate, individual lessons are available during or after the school day.

Small group movement sessions for Early Childhood through grades 1 and 2 may be offered, promoting healthy brain development through participation in movement activities. These activities are presented through imaginations and games. Individual lessons may be scheduled if additional support is needed. The best modality to meet the child’s needs is chosen after a study of the child with the school’s Care Group. The Care Group comprises experienced teachers and educational support professionals who work together to understand each child’s needs.

Educational support teachers are available to help children in grades 3-8 supplement language arts and mathematics if needed. A fee is charged for this extra support.

For more information, please contact Bella Jaikaria, Education Support Coordinator