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The Foundation Studies Program in Princeton

The new cycle for the Foundation Studies at the Waldorf School of Princeton will begin in the winter of 2016. This is the sixth cycle and the fourteenth year of the program. Over one hundred people have participated in our studies, some for personal development, some for the first step toward a professional life in Waldorf Education, and others to enhance the work in which they are already engaged.

The program covers Rudolf Steiner’s basic books, and gives a foothold into his immense body of lectures and written works. 

Anthroposophy is dense and difficult to read independently at first without the foundational understanding offered in this program. After this five-semester course, one can more easily delve into the many topics within Anthroposophy (i.e., education, agriculture, Eurythmy, the arts, healing arts, medicine, and spiritual investigations such as karma).

The course meets eight times per semester on Saturday mornings, at the Waldorf School of Princeton, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. We follow the school calendar and try to meet the needs of students’ and parents’ schedules when possible. Each morning includes a lecture, discussion, and two artistic workshops that enliven the concepts covered. Often the courses offered are Eurythmy and an artistic experience such as painting or sculpture. Guest teachers are invited to present other topics, such as speech or biography. We now offer summer courses so that students can potentially finish in 15 months and begin teacher training if that is a path they wish to pursue. The cost per semester is $600.

The course provides a unique opportunity to form a small community together, sharing thoughts and partaking of small meals brought by the students. We have seen new friendships develop and former friends become closer through the meaningful, shared experiences.

The program is open to any interested adult of any age or background.