All-Community Meeting 2017

February 15, 2017


Dear Parents,

We want to start by thanking you all for participating in the school wide survey. We had one of our best response rates yet and overall the responses  were very positive in all areas of the school. Your feedback will help us plan as we look ahead to next year. 

Last year we created a new strategic plan for the school for 2016-2019. The Board of Trustees, the College of Teachers, the Parent Council, the Administration and all the committees have been working very closely with the strategic plan to streamline the functions of the school  and ensure that everything we do is in line with and serves our four strategic priorities.  These priorities are:

·         Provide healthy and vibrant programs

·         Cultivate teaching excellence

·         Grow our school community

·         Ensure the financial stability of the school

We are happy to share that over 80% of the action items that we set out to fulfill for 2016-17 are completed with four months still to go. At the Community meeting we shared  some of the details of these accomplishments and our plans for the future. Here are some of the many highlights:

Conflict Resolution FlowchartThe school is proud to offer clear and transparent processes for resolving conflicts as they arise.  Please see the attached flowchart and take advantage of the processes and trained faculty in place to help you if you have a difficult situation.

WSP Organizational Chart: A Child-Centric Approach: The organizational illustration is a quick visual guide for the school at a glance.  The Children we serve are at the center of everything we do. For more detailed information please see our governance document which can be found on our website.

Volunteerism: The survey results make it clear that the vast majority of us understand the value of contributing to the school wide community through volunteerism. However, many parents do not know what these opportunities are or how they should sign up to help. To that end, this summer the Parent Council and the Administration will create an online sign-up sheet for all the volunteer opportunities available from home or on campus. We approximated that between school and class events we need at least 6000 hours of volunteer help a year. If every family in the school offered 40 hours a year we could cover most of those hours. Plus; as the Parent Council Chair shared -Parents have a ‘ball’ when we come together to volunteer.

Enrichment: As part of the presentation we asked to hear from you about what kinds of enrichment programs would be of interest for your children for next year. Please take a moment and fill out the form attached to the bottom of the page. You can leave it at the front desk or email to This information will help us create the enrichment calendar for next year.

Ambassador Program: Congratulations! Each one of us is an ambassador for this education, and this school, and each one has a valuable story to tell. Join us as we kick off this new school wide initiative on Saturday, March 4, from 10am to noon in the Crib Barn. RSVP to Jamie Quirk.

Financial Stability:  As many of you will remember, the 2014-15 school year ended over budget, leaving the school with a big deficit. As a result, we had to focus on streamlining the work in the school, making expense cuts  and finding ways to increase revenue to ensure that the 2015-16 budget could end with a surplus to eliminate the deficit. We are happy to report that we did it! - The school is no longer in a deficit and we are on our way to creating a contingency fund for the future.

Tuition Increase:  At the community meeting the Finance Committee presented the budget and the Board’s recommendation to increase tuition by 4%. At the Board meeting on February 13, the Board approved this budget which reflects the tuition increase and the following:

Teacher’s Compensation: One of our strategic goals for cultivating teaching excellence was to ensure that our teacher compensation model attracts and retains academic talent. To that end the Board has approved a raise to the base salary for all full time employees.

Educational Support Program: The board has approved granting financial aid for educational support fees. This is to ensure that finances don’t become an impediment for families whose children are in need of educational support.

Payment Plan Fee: The Board recognizes that there are many families that do not qualify for tuition assistance but do need to make monthly tuition payments that are accompanied by a 4% payment plan fee. This fee has been brought down to 3% .

Development Goal: The Board has increased the revenue goals for the Development Committee for 2017-18 along with the 4% increase to meet these additional expenses.

We are still striving to meet our 2016-17 development goal of $191,500 so please support the Annual Fund if you have not already done so. The 2nd Annual Gala & Auction is coming soon on March 25; proceeds will support faculty development and tuition assistance. Please join us as we celebrate 25 years of graduating classes and honor David Heberlein’s 30 years of teaching! .

The Community Night closed with a ‘sparkling cider’ toast to the Waldorf School of Princeton made by the Parent Council and a delicious feast of international cuisine and dessertsprovided by many members of our community!


With Warm Regards,


Parizad Srivastava                                               Niko Hilgerdt

School Administrator                                         Pedagogical Administrator