Board Trustees For 2014 - 2015

Mark Hornung, Chair, Executive Committee

Nick Rumin, Vice Chair, Development Committee; Governance Committee

Jeffrey Trent, Treasurer, Chair, Finance Committee; Executive Committee

Bill Bauer, Secretary

Doug Jackson, Trustee, Chair, Enrollment and Marketing Task Force; Chair, High School Task Force

Christine Benson, Trustee

Jennifer Bryson, Trustee, Facilities Committee; Planning Committee; Finance Committee

Sarina Cirianni-Jones, Trustee

Janine Cleland, Administrator, Executive Committee, Governance Committee, Finance Committee

Chris Kneppers, Trustee

Christa Bruneau-Flynn, Alumni Trustee

Enrique Curchitser, Trustee, Development Committee

Pamela Shafer, Trustee, Finance Committee

Amy Shor, Trustee, College Chair; Executive Committee

Honorary Trustees

  • Scott Albert
  • Tertia Gale
  • Herbert O. Hagens
  • Caroline Phinney
  • Kearney Vrabel

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