Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement The Waldorf School of Princeton, part of an independent educational movement of over 1,000 schools worldwide, is dedicated to recognizing the unique spirit of each child. Through a rich curriculum integrating the academic, the artistic, and the practical, the Waldorf School of Princeton guides children toward self-knowledge, to meet the world by awakening within them warmth of heart, clarity of thought, and strength of purpose.

Receive the children in reverence, Educate them in love, And send them forth in freedom.
Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Our Core Beliefs

We work to offer an education that develops the whole child - head, heart, and hands / thinking, feeling, and willing / intellectually, spiritually, and morally - based on the principles set forth by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in his lectures and writings and adapted for a changing world.

We strive to foster in our students a lifelong love of learning by giving them the practical and academic skills necessary to meet life's tasks.

We recognize the different developmental stages and needs of each child and advocate meeting them with appropriate methods and curriculum.

We provide an environment where childhood is protected and the idealism of youth can be nurtured to form the foundation of a purposeful and productive adulthood.

We believe that mutual respect and support should be at the heart of all relationships.

Our goal is to hold a community of students, teachers, parents, staff, alumni, and friends, based upon the educational and social teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, so that we may be a positive influence on the world around us.

We consider tuition, fees, gifts, and other monies given to the school to be in support of our Waldorf School community rather than fees for an individual child's education. We recognize that we are all responsible for the continued financial health of the school.

In conjunction with the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America (AWSNA) we contribute to the support and expansion of Anthroposophical initiatives, including Waldorf education, in other schools and the Waldorf movement worldwide.

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