Faculty and Staff

Where is the book in which the teachers can read about what teaching is? The children are this book.
Rudolf Steiner in Human Values in Education

Early Childhood Faculty

Sarina Cirianni-Jones

Sarina Cirianni-Jones,  Children's Garden, Rose Class
609-466-1970 x 616
Sarina Cirianni-Jones has been a mixed-age early childhood teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton since 2002. She studied early childhood special education at William Paterson University in New Jersey and received a certificate in Waldorf early childhood education from Sunbridge College in New York. Prior to coming to Princeton, she taught at the Michael House Waldorf School in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Ms. Cirianni-Jones brings a wealth of experience as a parent educator and childcare provider. Her warmth, patience, singing ability, and sincere interest in her students contribute to her success with both children and their parents.

Kristin Martinez-Zuviria,  Children's Garden, Lilac Class
609-466-1970 x 611
Kristin Martinez-Zuviria has spent fourteen years in the classroom directing, administering and teaching programs for children ages 0-7. Beginning as an assistant in the kindergarten at Waldorf School of Princeton, she went on to teach at the Golden Circle School in Pennsylvania, was a founding lead teacher at the River Valley Waldorf School, and began her own program in Doylestown, Pennsylvania (Morning Glory Children), which eventually became part of the River Valley Waldorf School. After working for twelve years in early childhood she took a year off to work with adults with special needs in a life-sharing home in Massachusetts. She then took a year to help build a Lifeways early childhood program at the Kimberton Waldorf School in Chester County, Pennsylvania, before returning to Waldorf School of Princeton. She received her Early Childhood teacher training at Sunbridge College.

Sarah Kessler

Sarah Kessler,  Children's Garden, Sunflower Class
609-466-1970 x 625
Sarah Kessler received her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her Waldorf certification from Mercy College in Detroit. Ms. Kessler has taught early childhood classes at the Princeton Waldorf School for more than 13 years. Ms. Kessler began teaching a mixed-age kindergarten at the school in 1987, and then took time off to be home with her three children. During that time, she was an educational consultant, setting up a Waldorf-inspired early childhood program for Kehilat Hanahar, a Jewish day school in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Ms. Kessler has been a member of the faculty development committee, evaluating, and mentoring teachers for the last four years. Ms. Kessler brings humor, insight, and creativity to her classroom; the mischievous adventures of class mascots Peter and Petra are often the talk of the children!

Amy Shor

Amy Shor,  Morning Garden Parent-Child & Children's Garden, Buttercup Class
609-466-1970 x 635
Amy Shor received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She earned a certificate in Waldorf early childhood education and completed the coursework for a master’s degree in Waldorf education from Sunbridge College in Chestnut Ridge, New York. Amy has taught at the Waldorf School of Princeton since 2003, primarily leading nursery and parent-child programs. Ms. Shor’s deep knowledge of Waldorf education has helped many parents manage the challenges of raising children. Her warmth with the children and ability to build community both in and outside the classroom make her classroom an inviting gateway to the school. Prior to working at Princeton, she was a nursery teacher, parent/tot teacher, and administrator at the Dayspring Community School in Warwick, New York.

Sangeeta Proddutur,  Afternoon Garden

Grade School Faculty

Jennifer Rosenstein

Jennifer Rosenstein,  First Grade
609-466-1970 x 623
Jennifer Rosenstein holds bachelor's degrees in English and history at the University of the Incarnate Word, and received her Waldorf teacher training certification from Antioch New England Graduate School. Prior to coming to the Waldorf School of Princeton, she taught at The Waldorf School of Baltimore and at The Rudolf Steiner School in New York City. In addition to having several years of teaching experience in the grades, she was a founding teacher of the Shining Rivers Waldorf School in St. Louis, Missouri, and was an instructor for Sunbridge College in their Teacher Education Program in both Spring Valley, New York, and in Manhattan.

Laura Beatty

Laura Beatty,  Second Grade
609-466-1970 x 631
Laura Beatty graduated from Temple University with a BA in Classics. While she always felt a gift for working with children, she also sensed a mystery and a magic about it that became fully felt when she found Waldorf Education. Miss Beatty was immediately drawn to the depth and beauty of Waldorf Education and found in its methods a richness that rekindled her love of childhood and teaching. To meet this calling, she attended Antioch University where she completed her Waldorf Teacher Training. Miss Beatty has an appreciation for nature and a love for art, literature and history that she hopes will enliven teacher, students and classroom alike.

Cynthea Frongillo

Cynthea Frongillo,  Third Grade
609-466-1970 x 617
Cynthea Frongillo is a Bostonian by birth, but has been transplanted many times. After attending the University of Massachusetts, she and her husband built two houses from scratch in western Massachusetts, before heading off to the Waldorf Teacher Training Program in Detroit, Michigan. Since that time, Cynthea has been a class teacher and music teacher at the Canterbury Steiner School in England, The Honolulu Waldorf School in Hawaii, and Pine Hill Waldorf School in New Hampshire, where she was the Music Director and Choral Director for ten years before once again taking up the life of a class teacher. Her experiences as a music teacher for many years led her to write “The Importance of Being Musical,” a guide to music teaching in a Waldorf School, published by AWSNA, and reprinted many times. Her hobbies are gardening, painting, and writing.

Efrain Martinez-Zuviria

Efrain Martinez-Zuviria,  Fourth Grade
609-466-1970 x 620
Efrain Martinez's first connection to Waldorf education was as a student in a Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany, from which he graduated with his high school diploma. Mr. Martinez went on to study curative education at the Camphill Seminary in Pennsylvania and then Waldorf Teacher Education at the Rudolf Steiner College in California. For ten years, Mr. Martinez worked at the River Valley Waldorf School, as a teacher, faculty chair and director, coach, and in various governance roles helping to shape the full form of the school. Most recently, Mr. Martinez comes to us from the Great Barrington Waldorf School in Massachusetts. It is no surprise that he is also a Waldorf parent.

Christine Benson

Christine Benson,  Fifth Grade
609-466-1970 x 639
Christine Benson received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and her certificate in Waldorf elementary education from Antioch University, Keene, New Hampshire. A class teacher for four years, Ms. Benson was previously the lead aftercare teacher at the school. She has a strong connection to nature and enjoys taking her students out to explore the woods. The artistry in her classroom reflects her love for the arts.

David Heberlein

David Heberlein,  Sixth Grade
609-466-1970 x 621
David Heberlein received his bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and his master’s degree in Waldorf education from Mercy College in Detroit. Since 1987 he has been a class teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton, graduating four groups of eighth-grade children. During his tenure in the school, Mr. Heberlein has also served as a parent, administrator, board member, and college chair. He is now enjoying extending his skills into the realm of adult education, serving as a trained mentor for teachers both within and beyond the school. Mr. Heberlein has a deep love for and interest in Waldorf education as well as the students who have passed through our doors. He takes great pleasure in spending time with his family and puttering around the house. He loves music of all kinds, reading the newspaper, and having a good cup of coffee. When he can, he enjoys riding his bike and taking a hike.

Signe Motter

Signe Motter,  Seventh Grade
609-466-1970 x 612
Signe Motter received her undergraduate degree in Norway (emphasis on foreign language, history, and the arts) and completed her Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University New England. Ms. Motter is also a graduate of the remedial teacher program of the Association for Healing Education. Prior to coming to the Waldorf School of Princeton, she taught for 32 years at the Monadnock Waldorf School in Keene, New Hampshire, where she was a founding faculty member. Ms. Motter also teaches in the Antioch teacher training program. She has many interests outside the classroom, including music, handwork, theater, reading, and cross-country skiing.

Niko Hilgerdt,  Eighth Grade
609-466-1970 x 632
Mr. Hilgerdt, a Waldorf student himself, graduated from the Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, NY. He went on to earn a BA from St. John’s College in Maryland, and an MA from St. John’s College in New Mexico. His diverse interests led him to study in Ireland, Japan, and the Czech Republic. He is presently utilizing his summers to pursue further Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University in New Hampshire. Mr. Hilgerdt comes to us fresh from shepherding a fifth grade class through its final year at the Tacoma Waldorf School in Washington. While his Waldorf experiences have helped him to develop a deep and foundational understanding of the curriculum, he has also broadened his practice as he taught and served as a department chair in a public charter school in New Mexico.

Subject Teachers

Tina Quintana

Tina Quintana,  Handwork
609-466-1970 x 618

Maria Teresa Cardenas

Maria Teresa Cardenas,  Spanish, Pre-Care
609-466-1970 x 628
Maria Cardenas received her bachelor’s degree in special education in Colombia, after which she worked for several years with children with special needs. Years after, she started working at Isolda Echavarria Waldorf School in La Estrella, Colombia. In 2006, Ms. Cardenas received an offer from Desert Sky Community School, a Waldorf charter school in Tucson, Arizona, where she served as a teacher, faculty chair, board member and school mentor. After being a part of this community’s growth, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to work at Desert Marigold School as a grades teacher and member of the College of Teachers. Ms. Cardenas has received extensive training in remedial education and ESL in both the United States and Colombia.

Susan Eggers

Susan Eggers,  Eurythmy and Chorus
609-466-1970 x 613
Susan Eggers received her bachelor’s degree in education from Valparaiso University in Indiana, and a master’s degree in special education from Northeastern Illinois University. She has a diploma in eurythmy from Eurythmy Spring Valley and a certificate in pedagogical eurythmy and therapeutic eurythmy. Prior to working at the Waldorf School of Princeton, Ms. Eggers was a class teacher at the Four Winds Waldorf School in the suburbs of Chicago. Ms. Eggers’s experience and training in special education helps her understand and meet children with a wide range of abilities. Ms. Eggers loves teaching, bringing her enthusiasm to the children in both chorus and eurythmy. Creating community, whether it be among children or parents, is a gift of hers.

Suzanne Cunningham

Suzanne Cunningham,  Gardening Teacher, Camp Director
609-466-1970 x 615
Suzanne Ives Cunningham studied international government and religion at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Through her studies she realized that what interested her was not government and religion as much as systems that unite humans and create relationships. With this, she began to study food and agriculture. Ms. Cunningham has studied with the Master Gardeners of Mercer County as well as chefs local to central New Jersey, and has worked on farms and gardens in Philadelphia, Lancaster County, Mercer County, and Coastal Chile. She is continuing her studies in agriculture at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, New York, while also working as a chef in central New Jersey. Ms. Cunningham came to the Waldorf School of Princeton through her desire to unite agriculture, food, cooking, and teaching. She believes in the importance of educating our children in good food practices and feels that the Waldorf School is the best place to experience this level of commitment to agricultural and food education.

Anita Hill

Anita Hill,  Strings Director, Cello, Viola
609-466-1970 x 622
Anita Hill received her training from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and Manhattan School of Music in New York, where she studied with Marion Feldman. Ms. Hill has performed with various piano ensembles in the New York Tristate area. She teaches music privately as well as with the New York Pops Salute to Music program out of Carnegie Hall. While living in New York, she was a member of the Staten Island Symphony and Richmond Choral Society. She currently is the music director at Waldorf School of Princeton, and is an adjunct teacher at Peddie School in Hightstown as well as Pennington School. She is also a member of the New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra.

Francoise Nelessen

Francoise Nelessen,  French
609-466-1970 x 630

Pamela Shafer

Pamela Shafer,  Sculptural Arts, Fine Art
609-466-1970 x 633
Pamela Shafer received her bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Denver and her M.Ed. in creative arts therapies from Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ms. Shafer has been teaching sculpture at the Waldorf School of Princeton since 1999, during which time she was a class teacher for three years. Presently she teaches sculptural arts in grades one through eight and is the director of the after-school enrichment program. She has also facilitated the Princeton foundation studies program at this school since 2002, a course for adults. Prior to teaching at the Waldorf School of Princeton, Ms. Shafer taught ceramics at the college level, a hospital art therapy program with the elderly, and in- and outpatient programs for emotionally and physically challenged young adults. Of all her work experiences, Ms. Shafer is most enthused about Waldorf pedagogy: "The children instinctively know the importance of working with their hands and joyfully engage in their artistic projects," she says.

Karrin Pearson

Karrin Pearson,  Movement & Games, Athletic Director
609-466-1970 x 634
An alumna of the school, Karrin has expanded her role in the past year from camp health director to after-school coach and, most recently, second grade assistant and designer of our winter session orienteering and nature awareness program. Karrin earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, and further studied Environmental Education before returning to New Jersey.

Alex Frongillo

Alex Frongillo,  Upper Grades Math, Keyboarding, Recorder
609-466-1970 x 637

Nancy Lemmo,  Interim Faculty Chair
609-466-1970 x 129

Administrative Staff

Janine Cleland,  School Administrator
609-466-1970 x 111

Diane Barlow,  Enrollment
609-466-1970, x115

Jamie Quirk,  Communications & Marketing
609-466-1970 x112

Julie Martin,  Bookkeeping
609-466-1970 x 113

Beth Miller,  Development
609-466-1970 x 121

Klonda Speer,  Front Desk Manager
609-466-1970 x 110

Jenni Blythe,  Front Desk Manager
609-466-1970 x 110

Jessica Alfaro,  Registrar
609-466-1970 x 114

Kevin Jones,  Facilities Manager


Shyam Maharjan,  Facilities Support

Eileen Gendimenico,  Nurse
609-466-1970 x 116

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